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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Bowflex Warranty

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Some home gym equipment is made of all metal and has limited movement patterns. Have you ever worked out with traditional gym equipment, and felt that the machine was restricting your movements? Bowflex fitness machines offer more natural movements, and allow for smooth transitioning from one movement to the next. And they have a warranty that backs up their equipment.

On a Bowflex, you can perform the same weight-training exercises that you can on most of the gym equipment. Unfortunately, it leaves out most of the cardiovascular and aerobic work out exercises that are all part of a well-rounded, efficient work out. A treadmill or other fitness trainer compliments the Bowflex to make a work out complete. The Bowflex treadmills and TreadClimber have warranties similar to that of the home gyms.

The Satisfaction Guarantee
Bowflex advertises a 100% satisfaction guarantee when the home gym equipment is purchased. You have six weeks to try out the Bowflex fitness machine. If not satisfied, you can return it with no obligation. To take advantage of this, you do need to obtain a return authorization number from their customer service center before sending it back.

After the return authorization has been given to you, you have two weeks to return the machine. Of course, you'll need to return it in the original condition and in the original packaging, along with all accessories it came with for a full refund. You will be the one paying for the shipping and handling.

The Limited Warranty
Bowflex provides a limited warranty on workmanship and materials. Only the original purchaser can only use this limited warranty. Additionally, they must have signed the proper paperwork and returned it to the company. Your rights may vary from state to state.

The limited warranty does not cover misuse and abuse. If you break it by doing something you're not supposed to, it's your problem, not theirs. The warranty also doesn't cover machines placed in commercial gyms. These are HOME gyms. And while they're pretty sturdy, they're not made for 24/7 use. If you need a commercial model, buy a Nautilus.

The Bowflex Sport has a five year limited warranty. The Xtreme and Xtreme 2 have a seven year limited warranty. The Ultimate has a 10 year warranty while the Ultimate 2 has the longest limited warranty of all at 12 years.

The Power Rods
There is a no time limit warranty on the Bowflex power rod units. The warranty covers only the Power Rod units and not anything to which they are attached.. Bowflex expects the Power Rods not to wear out or lose their resistance after repeated flexes over years of continuous workouts.

You can contact The Nautilus Group, makers of the Bowflex fitness machines, in several ways in case of a warranty problem. Their website has a "contact us" page and gives their phone number for the twenty-four hour customer care support center.

Bowflex has a decent customer service track record. However, there may be a small delay in honoring the warranties due to the high volume of calls and deliveries that are being made to and from the consumers.


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